Information Geometry and Algebraic Statistics on a finite state space.

Giovanni Pistone (de Castro Statistics, Collegio Carlo Alberto, Moncalieri)

It was shown by C. R. Rao in a paper published 1945 that the set of positive probabilities on a finite state space is a Riemannian manifold1 in a way which is of interest for Statistics because the metric tensor equals the Fisher information matrix. It was later pointed out by Sun-Ichi Amari2, that it is actually possible to define two other affine geometries of Hessian type3 on top of the classical Riemannian geometry. Amari gave to this new topic the name of Information Geometry.

The term Algebraic Statistics was introduced to denote the use of Commutative Computational Algebra in Statistical Design of Experiments and in Statistical Models4. Information Geometry and Algebraic statistics are deeply connected because of the central place occupied by exponential families5 in both fields.

The present talk is a tutorial and rigorous introduction the topic. See LINK for some recent research paper.

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