Having worked a long time on algebraic and geometrical methods in statistics, I have started a series of seminars devoted to Nonparametric Information Geometry. This keyword refers to a specific scientific community. In particular, the Springer Journal INGE, the two leading periodic global conferences, GSI and IGAIA, and the DSF. The seminars will be held in a mixed mode, with participants both in-presence and online. Hopefully, various institutions will host each meeting. The inaugural seminar took place on Nov 28, 2022, hosted by the laboratory of prof. Eva Riccomagno, DIMA University of Genova. The same laboratory will host some lectures as part of the doctoral program in the first part of 2023. Most of the lectures will be tutorials. In addition, there will be invited research talks and visits by active researchers in the field when supported by interested institutions. Ongoing new research will feature regularly. Video and slides of the meeting will be available.